Indian students invent shocking anti-rape underwear

The Society Harnessing Equipment’ (SHE)

Three engineering students have invented anti-rape under garment that promises to curtail India’s high rape incidence. The students have named the underwear ‘Society Harnessing Equipment’ (SHE). The garment is equipped with pressure sensors that deliver 3,800 KV electric shock to sexual predators in case of an attack.


Manisha Mohan, co-developer of the product told The Times of India: “The shocks cane be emitted up to 82 times. A person trying to molest a girl will get the shock of his life the moment pressure sensors get activated.”


Mohan explains that to prevent the wearer being electrocuted, the inside of the garment is “insulated with a polymer.”


The device is also equipped with GPS that can deliver alerts to the police and the victim’s parents.


The invention comes months after an Indian student was gang raped in a public bus attracting world-wide condemnation and putting a sharp focus on India’s permissive sexual violence culture.

Source: The Times of India

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