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‘Password fatigue’ haunts Internet masses

Looking for a safe password? You can give  HQbgbiZVu9AWcqoSZmChwgtMYTrM7HE3ObVWGepMeOsJf4iHMyNXMT1BrySA4d7 a try. Good luck memorizing it. Sixty-three random alpha-numeric characters — in this case, generated by an online password generator — are as good as...


Facebook lets friends help unlock accounts

Facebook on Thursday began letting people locked out of their profiles get back in with the help of “friends.” A new Trusted Contacts account recovery feature lets Facebook users set up lists of friends...


RIM announces BlackBerry Management Center

August 15, 2011 – BlackBerry Management Center makes it easy to manage company- or employee-owned smartphones in the cloud, and helps to minimize risk from lost or stolen handsets to keep business moving forward....