VIDEO: Rabbit celebrates new status in new single ‘Nishazoea’



Rapper Artiste Rabbit has released a new single ‘Nishazoea‘ (I’am accustomed) in which he narrates how he has settled in his lifestyle change as one of the popular rap artistes in Kenya, in his signature flowtry.

“Things have changed (for the better). I can’t complain. So its just a celebration of a new lifestyle,” says Rabbit.

The song has a rock twist with a metallic guitar interlude, which is different from the norm, but still maintaining its flow. In the song, he intimates he can’t live without VIP treatment, without money, without a wife and adds he can’t live without God.

The hit is also about Rabbit’s two friends who lost their lives through the bullet after allegations were made they were thugs.

Rabbit says he has been busy with family and business matters over the last 6 months but fans should expect more stuff from now.

Check out the song below produced by Kanyeria/NiajeMusic and directed by Mushking

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