University of Nairobi Create Internship Policies


It’s that time of year again, with the pomp and color of graduation it remains to be seen how many students join the workforce. With the current state of the economy, finding employment is a true obstacle with many graduates hitting the pavement in search of full time employment. The dark cloud of joblessness continues to hover over thousands of graduates as only a small percentage get absorbed into the job market. UoN has made an improvement in an effort to improve students’ chances of employment with the launch of a policy of internship on the 8th of July.

Though the time is filled with mixed emotions; excitement and anxiety, University of Nairobi has made it their mandate to make the transition from classroom to cubicle much easier. The university has created policies that ensure that their graduate find internship that could secure their employment. According to an article published on the varsity’s site, Prof. Isaac Mbeche, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student affairs, said that “this policy will give the students a chance to practice what they have learned and gain practical knowledge.”

UON internship policyKnown as the Policy on Attachment, Internship and Apprenticeship the new document if implemented could save many students the frustrations associated with job searching. Through the Placement Office, the university plans to provide students with support in terms of recommendation letters, mentorship from industry supervisors and work placement. These efforts by the University of Nairobi are timely ahead of graduation to be held later in the year.



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