Characteristics of BFFs in campus


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The term BFF which means Best Friends Forever became popular in college movies in the 1990s and has been used by young people ever since. Although it may apply to both genders, it’s most common among ladies since their friendship bond is usually stronger. Men are known not get too emotional or at least not to show feelings.  BFFs tend to be very close friends who do most things together and look out for each other.


In college, almost every lady has a very close friend who she refers to as her BFF. Although these types of friendships always look good on the outside, it’s not so in reality. It happens to be another major case of skim milk masquerading as cream. Although literally tied together, two BFFs tend to be very different. Here are the characteristics of female BFFs.



It is a proven fact that in 90 percent of all BFF relationships, one girl is beautiful and the other is not aesthetically appealing. Why this is so is nature’s question to answer. A very attractive girl is always seen walking around with another who is not so attractive. Some say, the beautiful girl always befriends the less beautiful one so that she faces no spotlight competition. Men will notice her more than her friend. Another argument is that the less attractive one intends to up her class and be seen with pretty friends hoping that magic might happen so that she becomes Cinderella too. It’s said that if you walk with kings, you might become one- Not queens.

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Financial power

One of the friends always has more money than the other. One is always doing more for the other in terms of financial favors. The one not so fortunate enough to have adequate always borrows from her BFF to keep up with the latest fashion trends and expensive campus lifestyles. The problem usually arises when it’s time to pay back the money. Some refuse to pay simply because they just don’t have the money or they are taking advantage of the rich one. This usually leads to loss of trust and eventual termination of friendship


Delicate nature of the friendships

The BBFs always love each other in suspicious ways. They do all sorts of things for each other. However, when the friendship ends, the hatred is extreme. In enmity, former BFFs do anything in their power to destroy each other. They both create false rumors and baseless criticisms. They do their best to demolish the girl credit that each one has built among peers.



Among BFFS, one is always jealous of the other’s achievements. The mistake ladies do is telling their friends everything that happens in their lives and seeking their advice. Some men have missed out on opportunities to be with good women because the BFF was jealous and discouraged the wooed lady from going ahead to date. Behind the scenes, one always does secret things to destroy the other’s opportunities and achievements.



Between two BFFs, one is original and the other is a copy-cat. One leads and the other follows. If she buys good clothes, she wants the same. If she gets a good boyfriend, the follower tries so hard to get a similar guy and it never happens. She ends up being used by a guy who saw her desperation. After that, she starts getting jealous of her friend.



It always happens automatically that one is popular and the other one isn’t. The unpopular chic might have befriended the other due to her popularity. With time, it begins to dawn on her that she will never be as popular as the other. Guys keep saying hi to her friend and ignoring her. With time, ’trouble in paradise’ sets in.


Ladies, keep your friends close, your enemies closer and your BFFs close