8 things you didnt know about solo of hits not homework

By Margaret Njugunah

HIS FIRST paying job was at Capital FM where he started as an intern. “I got an opportunity to intern at the Radio Station in the creative department about twelve years ago.”

HE TRAINED as USIU doing an undergraduate program in Journalism and Creative Arts.

HE IS a creative by day and a radio presenter at night. “I started out in the creative department, but an opportunity came for me to do a promotion for a client on Radio during Eve De Souza’s show. The promotion went on for two weeks. People liked the chemistry between Eve and I which is how I landed the Presenting job.”

HE IS a Masters of International Relations Graduate (USIU), which is one of the things that the funny Radio co-host is less known for. (More props to him!)

HE IS a married and is a father. “Well, my family is without a doubt the cornerstone of my life. They make me a better person daily and it’s a blessing to have them.“

HIS FREE time is spent with his family. According to the presenter, his busy schedule means that whatever time he is able to spare is devoted to his family.

HIS INTERESTS outside family and work is cars for which he says, “It is fascinating to imagine the kind of technologies that go into cars.” He also loves the great outdoors, sports -especially watching rugby- and off-roading. “I’m also slowly becoming a fitness freak, going to the gym every once in a while.”

HIS ADVICE to upcoming radio presenters and creatives is; “do not expect anyone to give you a chance in this industry. Create your own opportunities. Be your own person; do not try to copy others. People will like you for who you are, not who you are trying to copy. Share the opinions of others, serve people.”

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