5 Tips To Ensure Your Startup Thrives Even While You Are In Campus


One time in the bathroom, I was adjusting my jeans when a girl gave me a compliment, “Nice top!” I smiled and thanked her. I neither knew her nor had I seen her in school but I swore that whenever I’d see her, I’d say hello. Just before I walked out of the bathroom, she held my arm, pulled me back and told me, “I have something you’ll like.” She then removed a heap of tops from her bag and vehemently insisted on how she knew my taste in tops. It took one top, for her to draw such a conclusion. That is the language of business. You have to persuade your potential customer.

I meet lots of students who sell second-hand clothes, shoes, accessories, sweat pants and shirts just to mention a few. I admire such students. While other youths are stuck being broke and doing nothing about it, they are rising above to create their own financial freedom.

Starting a business is easy. Ensuring it survives the test of time is where the challenge lies. Here are some tips for you to ensure your start- up stands the test of time:

1.Open A Savings Account

After making huge profits from your sales in school you may feel like calling your friends to celebrate. For the sake of the longevity of your business, consider opening a savings account where you will keep your money for future use.


2.Know Your Target Market

Identify a market niche that would be interested in your product. For your business to be successful, you don’t just need a product to offer but people willing to pay for it. Provide products that will be in demand by your target market and ensure you price them appropriately to ensure high sales.



How you package your product matters. Be creative by giving your product an edge of sophistication. The impression you create with your brand goes a long way in securing repeat customers. Many people sell clothes or men shoes but the highest profits are yielded by how one sharply defines the persona of the brand.


4.Use  Social Media To Your Advantage

Use social media to reach out to your target market. It’s free, easy to use and requires little input. Social media could easily help you build a good customer base.


5.Create Value For Your Product

Some startups stagnate or fail to give decent returns, mostly because many people sell what they think customers will buy instead of what people actually buy. Don’t find customers for your product but instead, find products for your particular customers.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Hope Wambui.



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