WATCH: Will Smith spills the beans on being a ‘bad’ husband

Will Smith is set to lay it out at the Red Table Talk show.

His first appearance on the Facebook series hosted by his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, the show contained a few hidden secrets about the couple’s marriage. The show focused on their love story and recounted how the duo has fallen in and out of love with each other throughout their 20+ years being together. The 10th episode is set to go live on October 22nd.

The Fresh Prince of Belair Will Smith, recently turned 50 and celebrated the milestone by bungee jumping over the Grand Canyon, with the support of his wife Jada, family and friends. With a dare devil attitude, Smith has been keen to share his biggest life lessons so far and provide a glimpse into his philosophy to life via his YouTube channel. Despite the couple being murred in rumours of divorce for years, the duo have stayed true to each other and are keen to keep it that way.

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