The late Michael Jackson’s friends release film defending the pop icon against sexual abuse claims in Leaving Neverland

The late pop icon Michael Jackson ‘s friends have come together to defend him in a newly released documentary called ‘Chase the Truth’.

In new images from the film, a collection of the singer’s closest pals are seen talking to the camera about the sexual abuse allegations made against the ‘Thriller’ hitmaker in the infamous documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ that was aired in March 2019 as reported by The Sauce.

They discredit the alleged damning documentary and its participants claiming James Safechuck and Wade Robson’s sexual abuse were motivated by money.

The new film was released this week features former bodyguard Matt Fiddes and actor Mark Lester, along with Jackson’s biographer Mike Smallcombe.

Fiddes, who worked for Jackson for 10 years, insists: “It’s always financial. It’s hard to understand how these allegations can be true.” Jackson biographer Mike Smallcombe, “Now two accusers going to sue the Jackson estate. “All of Michael Jackson’s accusers – it’s always been about money.”

‘Chase The Truth’ details how Robson and Safechuck launched a failed legal challenge against Jackson’s estate before filming ‘Leaving Neverland’.

According to Mirror, Smallcombe claimed to have debunked some of the sex abuse claims, alleging incidents that are said to have happened in the Neverland train station couldn’t have taken place as the building didn’t exist at that time.

As the documentary was released, Fiddes shared a trailer and posted an explosive message slamming Leaving Neverland, the accusers and the doc’s director Dan Reed.

He wrote: “I expect Wade and James are hiding behind a rock along with Dan Reed somewhere with embarrassment right now! I would love to invite Wade, James and Dan Reed to come and challenge us on live UK TV about the man we knew, our friend. I doubt you will face us as we know the truth and your gutless!”

“We don’t need 4 hours of edited footage to show the truth about our friend Michael Jackson and the lies about him. I have had enough of this nonsense. We told the truth in 1 hour!

“I believe this crushes ‘Leaving Neverland’ and I hope stops the documentary winning the nominations for the Emmy awards!! Complete Madness!”

As reported by The Sauce, ‘Leaving Neverland’ was nominated for a total of five Emmy Awards last month, including a director nod for Reed.

Jackson died in 2009 at the age of 50. He’d previously been acquitted of child molestation charges and his family vehemently denied the accusations made in ‘Leaving Neverland.’ The Jacksons even compared the documentary to a “public lynching”.


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