Surviving R. Kelly : Relationship red flags every young woman should take note of

The docuseries Surviving R. Kelly aired and left many shocked and bewildered.

The onslaught of celebrities who shared their two cents on the murky world of R.Kelly brought to light the essence of any relationship. With many seeking love, wanting to be loved and to give love, the Lifetime production has made it clear that all of R. Kelly’s survivors and many more victims ignored some serious red flags that could have spared them a world of pain and hurt.

Here are a few red flags that every woman should look out for in a relationship:

1.Manipulative Behaviour

A relationship between two people should loving, accommodation and filled with compromise. For love to truly flourish both parties should find middle ground with none taking precedence over the other. R.Kelly repeated manipulated young women into doing his bidding. Maybe because of his fame, his age and his riches the young victims were easily led to believe that they should, in fact, fulfill his every desire. Ladies, if a more is constantly asking for you to meet his needs and never considers yours, run. He is selfish, inconsiderate and will take every turn to manipulate your decision-making abilities to fulfill his needs. A relationship with such a person is no relationship at all.

2.Control Freak

R.Kelly made it clear early on in his relationships with multiple women that he needed to be in control for the relationship to work. He set the stage, giving them the title he should be referred to as, the timing of when and where they would meet. Sadly, for many women today these control tactics may come off as though the man is ‘meticulous’ or ‘particular’. However, being a control freak is what it is. If a man insists that you do not wear trousers in the presence of other men, or insists that you do not greet other men in his presence might be too controlling. It might be time to rethink your relationship status.

3.Isolation Tactics

There is nothing more gut-wrenching than being separated from family. Separating a lover from their loved ones, their family and friends are among the many ways one can breakdown another’s spirit and resolve. In many ways, separation from those who mean the most to you changes you as a person. Isolation tactics like those used by R. Kelly in the docuseries allow for easy manipulation and control of various individuals who would have otherwise been strong-willed and decisive enough to stand up for themselves. If you or anyone you know is being separated from their family or friends, this is a clear indication that the relationship is toxic and is of no good.

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