Stereo Fresh: 7 Kenyan songs that inspire patriotism

It has been a hard week for Kenya, and during such times it is important to ban together as Kenyans.

There are a few tracks that bring together Kenyans no matter where they are. Great inspirational lyrics and moving instrumentals always make a great recipe for some of Kenya’s most patriotic tracks. Here are 5 of the most patriotic tracks that will make you proud to be Kenyan:

1.Roger Whittaker – My Land Is Kenya

Known as one of Kenya’s most iconic and patriotic tracks of all time, “My Land Is Kenya” was written by British singer-songwriter born in Nairobi. Award-winning Whittaker sings the praises of the land of Kenya; detailing its beautiful people and the wonderful landscapes.

2.Eric Wainaina – Daima

One of the biggest tracks from Wainaina’s 2001 debut album “Sawa Sawa,” the track “Daima” is an all-time favorite for all Kenyans. With creative lyrics and inspired harmonies, the Shangilia Kids children’s choir provide background vocals making the track that much more special. Fusing Benga and jazz with the blaring trumpet, the track cuts across genres while its message carries the day. The Berklee alumni Wainaina has made a huge impact with a song that inspires all citizens to love Kenya.

3.Leyla- Wimbo Za Historia

Young talent Leyla produced a remake of Enock Ogendo’s”Wimbo wa Historia.” A recent cover of an old favorite, the 2018 release went viral as the young teen crooner conveyed the track’s heavy themes of freedom, independence, and oppression during Kenya’s struggle for self-determination. The track that was written in 1978 by Enock Ogendo remains highly respected as one of the most unifying tracks for the nation after President Jomo Kenyatta’s death.

4. Ythera – Like A Phoenix, Let’s All Rise

The 2016 release “Like the Phoenix, Let’s All Rise’ is a patriotic track by Ythera in remembrance of all terror incidents that have occurred in Kenya. The inspired track hopes to “mobilize Kenyans to defy terrorism, be vigilant and take charge of our safety, security, and development” according to her YouTube account. Backed by a choir and accompanied by simple piano chords the track is touching and inspirational.

5. Rufftone and GSU – Mungu Baba

Strong lyrics and a collaborative effort make this track one of Kenya’s patriotic track. In a bid to discourage people from engaging in post-election violence and focus on restoring peace and unity after the nation was rocked by divisive politics, Rufftone’s “Mungu Baba” was timely and inspirational.  Accompanied by the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya and the Tuvuke Peace initiative, Rufftone’s track made in-roads in fostering peace when Kenya needed it most.

6. Dela, Sauti Sol, Nyashinski and Avril – Kenya Yetu

The 2017 release was produced by industry heavy-weight Cedo and written by Mr. Vee. A collaborative effort, the track praises the security forces and encourages Kenyans to unite and celebrate the elements that make us uniquely Kenyan.

7.Nameless – Coming Home

Written when South Africa hosted the World Cup in 2010, the track was featured on the 2010 FIFA Hello Africa World Cup album. An industry mainstay, Nameless made a statement with this track celebrating the world-renowned Kenyan athletes. A collaboration project with Supersport providing visuals for the track, it offers great pride for athletes representing  Kenya home and away.

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