Silverstone Brand ambassador Akothee releases statement after freak accident at Wilson Airport

Akothee is doing her due diligence as a Silverstone Airways brand ambassador, but it might not be enough.

The ‘Muje’ crooner took to social media to calm fears after news of the Silverstone Airways plane crash broke out. According to reports, the Fokker 50 5Y-IZO plane that had 50 passengers and 5 crew members on board veered off the runway and crashed, landing on its belly a few meters from the runway en route to Mombasa. Fortunately, no souls were lost in the freak accident however, many have taken to social media to question the capabilities of the pilot and the state of the Silverstone Airways fleet.

Despite rumors of technical difficulties, Silverstone Brand Ambassador has done her best to contain the situation which is a public relations nightmare for the local airline. In a post on Instagram, she wrote, “Everyone who was on board is safe and the passenger who was injured is being treated. We are are doing everything possible to ensure that all is well and we continue to give you the best service. Investigations are already on to find out what happened. We will give you more details in due cause.”

But unfortunately, her statement might not be enough to salvage the poor reputation of the airline.

And although the first responders have been lauded for their quick efforts, some on social media have compared what some term as a technical hitch to the disturbing incident that saw a mother and child lose their lives at the Likoni ferry more than a week ago.

Aircraft Accident Investigation body has already probing the matter, confirming that 2 passengers were injured in the incident; contrary to the Silverstone Airlines press release. Kenyans on Twitter are less than impressed by the state of local airlines, and blame the Kenyan authorities for the poor standards of local airlines.

This incident might finally be the push needed to enforce stricter measures for the local aviation industry.

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