#MyHustle: 3 Ways to figure out your purpose in your 20s

Figuring what to do is overwhelming, especially when everyone else thinks that you should have figured out life by now.

It’s a lot of pressure not knowing what to do and who to be in our 20s. It’s more frustrating to see people you were close to getting ahead, while you seem to be stagnant. What are the questions you need to ask yourself to find direction while still young? The good news is that at your 20s you are still young and trying to figure out yourself. You need to ask yourself tough questions to straighten up your life before you realize time has caught up with you.

Here are the three questions that can be of help in directing your 20s:

Q.1 What was your passion as a child?
In our teenage years, we had the energy and passion. We were full of life, and we had big dreams. Revisit those childhood dreams and ambitions. It’s always said that what captivates us as a young person is what still fascinate us as adults. Most of us gave up on our dreams because maybe you were told you are not good enough. Often times, we allowed criticisms to cloud our judgment.

Go back in time and list down your dreams. After writing the long list, review it one by one and see if there are things that you would want to explore. In case you do find something that tickles your fancy, write it down as a ‘to do’ list and make sure you explore it.

Q.2 What would you enjoy doing even without pay?
This question can open a world of impossibilities. Answering this question can lead to business opportunities and ideas you never knew you had. Think of business ideas that you can explore, as many as 50 or more, do not limit yourself. This kind of thinking pushes you to the limit and forces you to think outside the box.

It’s not about what you would want to do to make money, but it’s what you could do to make money. Don’t overthink the question.You will be shocked to see the many ideas that you have once you subject tour mind into thinking.

Q.3 What would you do when failing is not an option?
Most of us know that they need to succeed, but at times we are too scared to admit that to ourselves because if we do, then we will have to actually do something about it.  We have to put ourselves out there regardless of people’s criticism and seek success in all we do. It might be easier for us to be in a cocoon and live under other people’s shadows, however, this gets you nowhere.

The thing is, to allow yourself to get up and do something, even when you are in doubt, is an essential mindset for success. You can never feel ready, it’s never the right time, but you have to push yourself out of the comfort zone. It might be hard but believe that you can do even the hardest of things.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Vaines Msinga.

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