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My Hustle: 4 Insightful tips on running a relevant YouTube channel

The world of online content creation has been growing annually in Kenya. Organizations continue to embrace this informal yet interactive forum of marketing and advertising, and for the youth, this could be the best place to cash in.

A versatile form of communication that exposes products to a pool of both potential and current consumers. YouTube has proven to be a massive market place with over 4 billion users worldwide. The assumption is that with a good quality camera, anyone can be a Youtuber or better yet an influencer.

But is it really? No, it isn’t. One thing is for sure though, it is a space that has seen influencers earn a living off the video-sharing platform. Some popular Kenyan YouTubers including This is Ess, Wabosha, Joanna Kinuthia, Yummy Mummy, Kaluhi’s Kitchen, Farhana Oberson, Miss Mandi, and Sheila Ndinda continue to prove that it is very possible to earn your keep from the platform. Each has collaborated with brands one could only dream of. Hence the million dollar question is, what does it take to run a successful and relevant YouTube channel?

1. Subject
What are you known for? The argument is that one should not tie themselves down to a specific line of content. But when starting out, niche targetted content is crucial. Categorizing that thing that the channel will be recognized for, serves in building a solid base, and a loyal following.
By doing so, the channel creates a platform of reliable content where both enthusiasts and curious minds of that field can either be entertained or and educated. Hence, viewers keen on that specific line of content become subscribers, certain of where to find what they need.

2. Target audience
Who are you making content for? Is it, male or female? Couples? Highschoolers or campus students? First-time moms? Narrowing down the target audience is vital to guiding the content created and shared as well as identifying potential brand collaborations.
The main advantage of identifying a target audience is that it narrows down the content which makes coming up with ideas breezy. Through this, one can gauge topical interests and trends of that age group which eventually aids in connecting better with the said audience.

3. Uniqueness
What makes you stand out? Everyone else is doing hauls, travel vlogs, hair videos you name it. It has been done. So what will make your audience sit and watch a video from the beginning to very end?
Personalizing one’s art is the best way of capturing and keeping audiences not only interested but also loyal to the channel. Is the editing style, standard length of the video, an intro maybe? The beauty of it is that there is the freedom to decide what works for you.

4. Patience
Growing a following and getting views is daunting. Being okay with it is key to keep the morale up and running. Brands will also not jump at the channel within in the first month of the launch and it is fine. Keep at it and it will definitely bear some fruits in the long run.

YouTube, like any other business, thrives on strategy. Starting is easy the consistency is what can be quite challenging hence a plan is a sure way of getting things done. It also helps in evaluation. Scaling up the structure of the channel on paper is a definite must.

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