Moving Out: Essential tips to consider when house-hunting

Moving out is a huge step in any young adult’s life. The idea alone of having space to yourself is thrilling and exhilarating. Particularly after four long traitorous campus years of having roomies in the name to sharing costs.
The phenomenon ‘kupigwa exile’ had become all too familiar and a wall of tolerance had now been mounted up to keep sane regardless of the chaotic household.

So, moving out means no more meaningless chats, dealing with mood swings, cleaning after someone else, sharing a bed and bathroom. Such a relief. Hence the excitement and rush to rent a place is quite understandable. However, like any other thing in Nairobi moving out is a costly affair hence the need to get it right the first time. This means we are not rushing into just any space.

Because trust, house hunting can be frustrating but what is even more disheartening is moving into a house that later on disappoints you; and you are left stuck there because of the hefty deposit already paid.

So how then do you ensure you get the right place?
1. Budget
Answer this question truthfully and with utmost consideration to everyday basic needs and your salary. Find a workable budget, one that barely dents your monthly salary.  You do not want to strain your monthly income over house rent which comes with electricity water and transport. Food and entertainment and lastly savings included.

2. Location
How do you determine a location? There are several things; proximity to work, traffic situation along the roads in that area, security, availability of water, outcasts or town, Matatu stage, the kind of public transport used there and so forth. Have a list of yays and nays which will help gauge and judge every potential house.
Yes, it is not wrong to prefer City Hoppers to rowdy matatus and that can be factored in when you are house hunting.
Be brutally specific.

3. Is It Really Necessary?
Yes, I know, but hear me out. Sometimes the need to move usually is not as pressing. Maybe a friend did and you want to too, maybe you’re mad at your folks? Having a bad week at work? Find out if the reasons you are stating are legitimate because it makes no sense to pack up yet you have great support from parents.

If they still got you well and good. Get that mullah, and do some good with it. Some things do not need a rush, they need a good thought and striking a balance between ‘really necessary’ and just a mere ‘I freaking need my space’.


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