#MovemberTips: 6 oils to incorporate to get the ultimate thick beard

A thick, healthy beard is a great addition to any man’s looks.

In fact, in recent years, the beard has become more than a look and evolved into a fashion accessory that adds to a man’s style. With everyone trying to make it into the beardgang, some have struggled to grow their facial hair while others have patchy beards that lack length and thickness. However, not all is lost. If you are interested in making sure that your beard keeps the ladies coming, there are a few oils you should incorporate into your grooming routine.

1.Coconut Oil
It’s light, has a pleasant scent and when massaged into the beard, it is easily absorbed and leaves it glistening with a subtle sheen. One is advised to massage downward, along the hairshaft to ensure even distribution of the oil.

2.Peppermint Oil

Gents, there is nothing quite as special as a man with a great scent. Peppermint Oil not only has a great scent, but also aids hair growth. When applied to the scalp peppermint oil has a tingling, invigorating sensation that can help boost blood circulation and stimulate hair growth and thickness.

3.Castor Oil

This oil has been well praised by most men in their journey to growing a beard, for its ability to encourage hair growth with no fuss. Combined with an essential oil such as peppermint or lavender, castor oil has been proven to encourage growth with little to no effort.

4.Almond Oil

Packed with Vitamin E, almond oil is essential for hair growth. Its properties help protect the skin and hair from sun damage which is great for those who are often out in the sun. This nut oil is powerful, strengthening hair strands and reducing split ends.

5.Jojoba Oil

This oil is packed with nutrients, providing Vitamin E & B that soothe the scalp. If you have a patchy beard, Jojoba is  is capable of moisturizing hair follicles,  making hair strands stronger & healthier according to Good Health Academy. Though it is light and moisturizing, when using Jojoba one might have to reapply daily.


To grow a thick beard, a daily massage with oil will not only stimulate blood circulation but will also encourage growth. However, while applying these oils a regular beard wash  or shampoo is necessary to open up the pores on the skin, and encourage oil absorption necessary to grow a thick and supple beard.