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Keyboard warriors unite, as Aflatoxin alert causes K.O.T to rise up in protest

The Kenyan political elite is not having its best season at the moment.  The citizenry is less than impressed with the state of the nation, and Kenyans on Twitter are not hidden how they truly feel.

For President Uhuru, it has been one scandal after another, and sadly the aflatoxin alert may have been the final straw that broke the camel’s back. As K.O.T shared their grievances via #UhuruResign #FireThePresident #FireTheseCSs, many have called for the resignation of various Cabinet Secretaries. From the mishandling of chemicals during the ongoing KCSEs, to the increasing rates of unemployment, police brutality and corruption, it seems almost everything that could go wrong is. But even in such times of trouble, K.O.T always put a hilarious spin to current situation.

Here are the most interesting tweets from Kenya’s keyboard warriors:

As the hashtags went viral, many wondered why was President Uhuru the subject of K.O.T’s anger? Political commentator Mutahi Ngunyi had some observations to make.

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Many commented on the state of the economy, under Uhuru’s leadership.

But some tweeps went on to reflect on the truths that most are ready and willing to avoid. Kenyan voters are disorganized and elections are not necessarily won on merit or leadership capabilities, but rather along tribal lines. Poor decision-making skills and selfish interest from national leaders continue to drive lower living standards, poverty, corruption, and injustice.

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And although many have caught on to the poor state of the nation, complaining online does not do enough to stir up true and lasting change. A revolution can not be sustained by keyboard warriors, kwa ground vitu ni different.

What do you think of Kenya’s keyboard warriors?

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