Kenyatta University Student Earns Big From Custom Accessories

The art of entrepreneurship is diverse and versatile. With a pair of scissors in hand,  he uses super glue, a crochet hook, a knitting needle, and multicolored rags stuffed in a plastic bag to make amazing creations. Gibson Lewa, a 4th Year student at Kenyatta University, is always ready for outlandish requess from clients, customizing almost anything.

From watches, clutch bags, bowties, men, and women shoes to hoodies, he can modify them to suit your fashion style or swag. Using various colors, he customizes wristwatches with a touch of modern Ankara style to bring out gorgeous looking watches.  Applying the same skill to bow ties, shoes and clutch bags, the final outcome is a creation of beauty and flair. His artistic talent and skills position him on the verge of future success.

‘I collect these pieces of rags with different colors from your ordinary tailor after he’s cut them loose from the main cloth and tossed them away-probably for no use,’ he says. A closer look at the said rags reveals that they are of different bright colors ranging from blue, red, purple, yellow, orange and a sometimes a broad combination of various colors.

‘I don’t care about what the tailors in the small joints I enter think of me. They think this is a waste (pointing to the rags stuffed in his bag). What they don’t know is that I pay my bills from the money I get after transforming these unwanted pieces of clothing into something good,’ he adds.

While the understanding behind great entrepreneurship is founded on huge capital investments, sometimes you don’t need that financial support at all. Turning tiny pieces of clothing into money, Lewa proves that the basic, and perhaps the most important thing you need to grow is the skill. The financial capability will only act as a secondary supplement. Many college students rely on their parents to meet their needs. But not all of them have financially stable parents who can support them throughout the semester hence the need to explore other sources of income.

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