Kenyans on Twitter go ham on Twitter Bigwig for body shaming Stivo Simple Boy

Popular Twitter user Bosibori has been facing the wrath of Kenyans on Twitter for several days now because the internet never forgets.

The reason being she trolled the ‘Mihadarati’ hitmaker Stivo Simple Boy for being ugly and now the Twitter streets can’t let her catch a break. She has been trending for two days in a row with unrelenting Twitter users making fun of her and exposing her for being a fake slay queen.

Bosibori made her comment about Stivo Simple Boy on the platform last week and has since apologized to the artist as well as her fellow tweeps. However, her apology is not good enough as hundreds of Twitter users are still talking about her, making Bosibori a top trending topic on Twitter on Wednesday (15.01.2020).

While some Twitter users support Bosibori others just can’t seem to let go. Bosibori is being bashed for using an image with filters on her Twitter picture, body shaming Stivo and scamming other Twitter users. Bosibori’s supporters are pleading for mercy on her behalf while reiterating that she is remorseful and has apologized for her wrongdoings.


In a long Twitter thread, Bosibori not only apologized for her mean comment towards Stivo Simple Boy but went ahead to admit that she falsely represented herself on Twitter by saying that she owned a car. The young lady also expressed her struggles to find accommodation in Nairobi, finances and work a couple of years ago when she was a student.

Nairobi County Women Representative Esther Passaris who Bosibori revealed that she has gotten help from in the past, took to Twitter to sympathise with her situation, defend Bosibori and even invited her to her place for a sleepover.

This is not the first time that Twitter users have come together savagely ‘takedown’ one of their on after a misstep. Although the internet may never forget Bosibori, she can always reinvent herself and move on.




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