Job Vacancy: Systems Developer position available, apply now

System developers are the brains behind the design, installation, testing, and maintenance of software systems.

The holder of this position will, therefore, be responsible for developing new software and ensuring the smooth running of the existing ones. They must be able to integrate with the existing team of developers to come up with solutions that will enhance efficiency in company operations and that will also act as catalysts of growth for the business.

Applicants should be able to develop and maintain cutting edge software applications that deliver business value in order to provide sustainable business growth and hustle free operations.

Key accountabilities:
1. To understand the needs of the business and translate that understanding into high-quality, user-friendly systems.
2. To work alongside the existing Development Team with positive influence.
3. To perform system design and prepare documentation for use in the coding and testing of applications.
4. Will be responsible for the coding, testing, debugging, and documenting programs as well as preparing user manuals.
5. To keep abreast of the latest technologies and apply them where appropriate.

1. Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or IT related field) with an emphasis in software development
2. Must have knowledge in Java.

Required Skills:
1. Demonstrable coding experience in Java programming language
2. A thorough understanding of the JavaSE and JavaEE technologies
3. Experience in working with Java application servers (Highly recommended)
4. In-Depth knowledge of SQL and familiarity with popular RDBMS: MySql, Oracle, and Ms-SQL
5. A good understanding of both Windows and Linux environments
6. Excellent communication skills for effective dialogue with colleagues.
7. An excellent team player.
8. Ability to plan, schedule and monitor own work within short time horizons.

Measurable outputs:
1. Delivery of projects on agreed timelines.
2. Positive feedback regarding usability, reliability, and scalability of systems.
3. Innovation and with clear benefits to the business.

Reports to: Senior Systems Developer

Send Application Letter stating the current and expected salary to [email protected]

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