It’s official, YouTuber and naturalista Sheila Ndinda is now a business owner

Kenyan YouTuber Shiela Ndinda is now a business owner.

The online beaut took to Instagram to share the great news with her followers. Ndinda who came to fame for her thorough YouTube tutorials on natural haircare regimens seems overjoyed with her latest prospects. She said, “after 4 years of being a natural enthusiast, I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to turn my passion and hobby into a business.”

The salon specializing in natural hair care named Spritz Hair Studio is situated at Greenhouse Mall and is open for business. Speaking about the services the salon will provide the best styles, tips, tools, and products to help naturalistas navigate your natural hair journey.

Family, friends, and followers were more than thrilled at Ndinda’s new venture, offering congratulatory messages. Responding to the news, one Instagrammer said “Wow congratulations 🎉 💃🏾🙌, your salon is so beautiful and love the aesthetics.” Eager to visit the new salon, another follower commented “My next appointment is definitely going to be at #spritz.”

Ndinda has 130,000 followers on Instagram and 70,000 followers on YouTube. Popular for her sound advice and step  by step tutorials on the video-sharing platform YouTube, she has come a long way since she began in 2016. Growing her following as part of the traveling Girlfriend Diaries crew with Nancie Mwai and Capital FM’s Miss Mandi, Ndinda’s persona has continued to gain popularity and prosper.

Ndinda follows in the footsteps of several other local YouTubers to start up a business including Nancie Mwai who runs and owns Shop New Level, Maureen Bandari of Bandari Beauty and Joanna Kinuthia who runs and owns Joanna K. Cosmetics. Another Youtuber to make it big in business more recently include Caroline Mutuko, who recently launched a lipstick line.

With social media becoming a major source of income for many, others are also seeking to diversify their income streams investing their earnings into businesses within their areas of interest.

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