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Intervention: JKUAT needs more female students


When I think of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), I think of the phrase ‘a field with too many balls and not enough goals’. For years, our brothers at JKUAT have had to struggle with the bear minimal numbers of the opposite sex at the institution.  As a result, the institution has been nicknamed JuJa Boys. Ask Kenyatta University students and they’ll tell you that almost half of the revelers present at every KU gig are always JKUAT guys. They raid in numbers due to the abundance of ladies at KU.


The problem of high demand and low supply at JKUAT has been persistent due to the emphasis on science courses. The few ladies either enjoy the large supply or find the high number of suitors a nuisance.  I had a chat with a pretty third year lady from JKUAT. She had this to say:


“It’s true that some of the guys suffer. Some of them graduate without ever having a girlfriend. The workload in their coursework is too much and they are sometimes too busy to look for ladies elsewhere.  Some are too desperate and tend to persist despite rejection. Others don’t know how to woo women due to lack of experience and also lack of opportunities. A fifth year student might approach you with very poor lines. You tend to wonder. The smart ones always survive though, and end up with the best ladies.”


In both scientific and human chemistry, there’s always need to balance the equation. The same case applies to normal mathematics. Numbers really matter.  For instance, in an equation of 2a+b =35, the values of a and b must find a way to co-exist with 2 so that they match the 35 on the other end of the equation. In the JKUAT, case who exactly has the responsibility of balancing the equation?


The university administration takes the lion’s share of responsibility. The acronym JKUAT is jokingly referred as ‘Junior Kenyans Under Academic Torture’. Most of the courses offered at JKUAT are tough courses which are ‘unattractive’ to ladies. The administration has tried to bring in more gender balanced courses in recent years but more needs to be done. There also needs to be a major push to encourage female students to take up science courses.


In a society plagued with scarcity, only the fittest ones survive. Thus, majority of the responsibility falls on the male students. Just fight like an epic warrior and all will be well. It’s said that people ought to make themselves lucky. Luck just doesn’t fall from heaven. Even in an institution like KU that has a huge number of ladies, there are still guys who have no idea on how to approach women.


Finally, it’s for the goodwill of future freshers that this issue needs to addressed. ‘Ponyoka na fresher’ is still rampant at JKUAT since the hungry  #TeamMafisi from fourth year and beyond always prey on new students who have joined campus and are looking to have some fun. Majority of JKUAT ladies have first year heartbreak stories of guys who used them and dumped them. It’s all good though, after all, what would campus be without such scenarios?




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