Internet Reacts To Bantu Dragons

The Game of Thrones still has a hold over the Kenyan audience. And Kenyans on Twitter are quick to pull in analogies from the popular show into current discussions.

The discussion that led to the term “Bantu Dragon” began when a tweet went up online that included Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somali as having the most beautiful women in East Africa, while Kenyan, Tanzanian, and Rwandese womenΒ  were left out of the list.

Unsurprisingly, Kenyan women did not sit in silence; however it seems the men had the final say propositioning what goes into being a “Bantu Dragon.”

Here are the best tweets from the viral term:

The tweet that coined the term” Bantu Dragon”


And they mentioned the starter pack needed to make it as a Bantu Dragon

K.O.T did not spare the Kenyan women highlighting their favorite pass times.

Clearly the Bantu Dragons did not stand a chance against the infamous K.O.T.

Nonetheless, it seems Kenyan women have no problem being Bantu Dragons.

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