Can the hunk have brains? Mr. KU has the package

Sidney feat

There is a perception that models are not particularly intellectually gifted especially for chics. But is it just a misconception or are pretty chics and hunks actually dumb blondes? One Kenyatta Univerity student disapproves this notion.


Sidney Towrent Adoli is a Medicine and Surgery student and the reigning Mr. Kenyatta University. How he balances the two is a mystery as both are very involving. But he claims he doesn’t find it hard and that he is naturally gifted in academics.


Sidney got into modeling by accident. Modeling had never crossed his mind. He had taken a pal to the Miss Kenyatta University auditions and the organizers happened to notice his natural flair. They urged him to try and after surviving the first two eliminations, he felt motivated. Sidney put in more effort and ended up being crowned Mr. KU. He sees it as a blessing.


“It was truly amazing. Many guys have tried several times without winning it.  I was the only one who managed to scoop the crown on first attempt.”


Being Mr. KU has opened doors of greater confidence and opportunity for him. He has had the opportunity to meet and interact with famous female super models, experiences that any man would cherish. He has also been a top model for Ecobank and a number of other companies. Interviews in top magazines such as Drum, Zuqka and Pulse have also been endless.


Through his modeling career, he has been able to get into acting. He got a lead role in the popular play, ‘The Marriage Counsellor’ at the Kenya National Theatre. He played a rich boy who had no qualms infecting young girls with HIV. His favorite actors are Idris Elba and Awinjawa Papa.

He is glad that his parents and friends have offered him full support in his endeavors


“Initially, my parents were opposed to the idea of doing anything that would take distract me from my education but they soon realized their son could multi task,” says the confident Sidney.

KU model

Being a model has exposed him to public scrutiny so he claims. He has to wear the right clothes all the time to avoid criticism. People who meet him always have high expectations of him yet he’s just a simple guy. He continues to do what he does best and he has various plans


“I seek to integrate modeling with charity work through “Hope Hands Life’ and to mentor and provide opportunities for young and aspiring models,” says Sidney.

“I think I will specialize in pediatrics,” adds the Med Student.

He advices aspiring models not to go into it for publicity. A vision is always a powerful key to later success.

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