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Campus must have’s

As a student there are a couple of important items that are crucial for you to have: a laptop, a savvy phone, some source of music and a camera.


You need a good quality laptop, both for school work and  you campus academic life. No need to constantly be rushing to the computer lab every time fighting for the few available computers with your colleagues to do an assignment given to you by your lecturer. Do your assignment within the comfort of your own space.



While in campus there are numerous times you will want to listen to your favorite tunes e.g. while waiting for the next lecture to start…or while chilling during break or lunchtime or even while walking to class.  Its important to have that play list that just boosts your spirits and gives you that extra kick!!


Now this is something you cannot do without in campus to capture all those precious moments with your friends. All the road trips, fun and laughter ought to be preserved in a photograph to be reminisced over afterwards. Can you imagine not having photographs to remind you of all the fun you had with your friends after you leave campus?

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How many times are you on social media in a day? You need a phone that can at least access the internet and let you facebook or tweet.  Can you imagine how boring life in campus would be with a phone that cannot let you access the internet? So for all of you who still have the ‘kabambes’ its time to upgrade.



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