The Business Of Men’s Fashion

A more recent trend has been the resurgences of the fashionista. Now, men who love fashion are not afraid to ask for their piece of the pie. One such ambitious, young man is South African entrepreneur Siya Beyile.Featured on Forbes Africa Top 30 Under 30, Siyabonga has received lots of acclaim for his innovative approach to blogging. Famous for his blog The Threaded Man, Siya jumped into the fashion world with both feet carving out a niche for himself in a competitive market.

According to his feature on Forbes, Siya’s journey that began in 2013 has not been easy. “Making money was hard. He lobbied for investment and the company has grown to become a middleman between brands and consumers.“We are now more like an agency, we consult, dress celebrities, sell content, style, and creatively direct events and we are taking fashion to a whole new level in South Africa.”

Siya’s approach to blogging has been tested and proven, earning him top collaborations with brands like Mr. Price, Levi, H&M and even the honor of becoming the face of American Swiss. So, what can any stylist or fashion blogger learn about the business of fashion? Here are a few ways  anyone can make a living from fashion:

Here are a few ways  anyone can make a living from fashion:


Fashion changes every season. Bring innovative ways of looking at the current trends. These days, social media could be your getaway to making meaningful connections. Use your creativity to display your sense of style and become a trend setter. Your power to draw others to you and your style could be the beginning of setting the pace in the local fashion industry.

2. Collaborate

In business, meaningful collaborations are a win-win for all entities involved. Siya built his brand by collaborating with various brands. However, it is important to note that one must always be aware of their brand and market. Compromising your integrity for the sake of brand collaborations could cause one to loose out.


Just like any other business, fashion can be harsh and cruel. For anyone who hopes to make it big, patience and persistence can go a long way. Starting his blog at 18, Siya had envisioned making an impact on the fashion industry. In the ever changing world of fashion it is important to remain focused on the ultimate goal. Never give up.

Check out Siya Beyile’s  The Threaded Man site here.

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