#BeautyBuff: 4 beauty struggles every college student faces

Ah, college life. There are endless “struggles” that most college students’ face. I know I can’t speak for everyone but beauty struggles definitely add to college struggles.

Looking flawless is often a real struggle and girls go through a lot to get ready. Every female college student will truly understand and relate to these daily annoyances and hassles.

1. Lipstick
Lipstick has been around for ages plus it’s a woman best friend and to be a proud wearer is such a beautiful thing. With so many really great shades you can easily take your look from 0 to 100 in an instant with just one swipe. However, there’re a ton of struggles that come with wearing lipstick. You live the smudge life, like literally. Sometimes, if not all, while applying lipstick it tends to stick on your pearly whites. It’s also not uncommon to ruin a blouse because a red lipstick smudge found its way onto the collar. The smudge life goes everywhere and it notoriously gets all over your utensils. Whether it’s your pristine white tea/coffee cup or a tumbler glass in the dining hall, the mark will always be left behind over the rim.

2. Nail polish
Nothing boosts a girl’s mood as quickly as smoothly painted nails. A fresh manicure is a skill that requires hard work and tolerance to have – a smooth base coat, perfect pigmented color, applied in careful strokes to mimic a professional job as closely as possible: only to look down and notice it has chipped or smudge minutes later. Sigh. It’s pretty annoying seeing sneaky manicure saboteurs when it hasn’t even had a week’s wear yet.

3. Hair
You have a love-hate relationship with your hair because there are weird times when your hair will have a mind of its own and get in the way of your normal activities from eating to applying makeup, a couple of times. There are legit tress territory struggles like constant tight hair headaches when you wear your locks in a ponytail or bun for far too long because hair ties are not an exact science and don’t have an exact formula. You tie your hair tie two times around and it’s too loose and if you tie them three times it’s too tight. Don’t forget the Girl-Scout- level errant tangle knots, so you pick up a comb/brush and take out some unrelated aggression on your poor innocent hair resulting to a lot of wincing, possibility of breaking the comb/brush and a lot of crying at the sight of strands breaking in the process. It’s an emotional experience that we all have to live with because we can’t part and won’t part with our hair follicles.

4. Eyebrows
Having plucked, threaded or waxed eyebrows today is like being part of some super exclusive club. However, it’s no walk in the park to get there though. Irrespective of what hair removal method you use, you dread it because it’s going to hurt. Between battles with tweezers and thread and avoiding wax like a plague, it’s a guarantee you’re going to pinch your skin. Ouch. Just Ouch.

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