APPLY: Yusudi’s ‘Jijali’ free entrepreneurship program offers youth a chance to drive their destiny

Nastia Gutsol and Charlotte De Ridder met in Mexico while working for NGO AISEC. Now Co-founders of a social enterprise called Yusudi launched in January 2016, their mission is to create tech-powered learning programs that aim to change the way people learn.

One of these programs is Jijali, a FREE program on entrepreneurship that combines in-person training, online learning and virtual mentorship. This is for anyone between the ages of 18 to 30 years. If you’ve graduated high school or campus and are interested in either starting a business or getting insights into starting your own career, you can apply now to join the program in September.

The program will run part-time for three months where you’ll have online sessions and a mentor that calls you weekly to support your growth. This also includes monthly workshops where you get together with other program participants and get to dig deeper into your learning to help you start your entrepreneurship/ career journey.

With an ever-rising unemployment rate in the country, this might be your chance to take your future into your hands. Visit the Jusudi site, to apply today.

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