Akothee reveals her softer side as she visits her daughter in France and gives motherly advice

Madam Boss Esther Akoth is a no-nonsense woman. And she carries the same philosophy to her parenting.

The talented mother and public figure is currently in Europe living it up with her family. While there, she visited her daughter who is schooling in Rouen, France. One of her eldest children, Fancy Makadia is currently attending school in France and is eager to make the most of her world-class education. Talking about providing for her children and the opposition she might face as a public figure; Akothee was sure to make it clear that in any situation money talks.

She took to Instagram to say, “You will meet her in a school setup admitting her children in school thinking she is a responsible mother, wait until you meet her on her hustle aka stage setup, you will regret the day you called her rolemodel.” Akothee went on to add, ” no school ever asked my background or what I do for a living, all they cared about is, please these are the bank details, what method of payments do you prefer Bank transfer or cash. Good luck to @fancy_makadia your dream school cane true I love you.”

According to Fancy’s Instagram stories, the pair spent the day wining and dining in Parisian cafes and enjoying a pampering session. The two who are near look-alikes also went on to share tender moments where Akothee took the opportunity to share some serious motherly advice. On the Gram, Akothee wrote “study hard get a job and invite your family to France too. Call dad today inform him about your new school, I love you girl.”

Fancy also shared her admiration for her mother. Taking to social media the young woman shared just how much she appreciates Akothee for going out of her way to give her a great life. Fancy wrote, “When your mother goes out of her way for you so that she can see you happy so that she can see you prosper in life, then thank God. Pray for her, make her happy and that is what I am doing for my mama. She deserves the best because she has given me what no one could have.”

Akothee also recently released a new track dubbed ‘Muju’ as reported by The Sauce. Akothee on ‘Muje’ adopts a new style she describes as a love song. She has had a number of songs about love but in her latest release, it is an intimate message to a lover. The song also veers off her signature sound to now bring in a fresh feel of a laid back West African vibe, that is catching on globally.


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