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    1. It’s because blood engorges the very many blood vessels in the region…which also surround the poor urethra caught right smack in the middle of all that excitement. It should ease, but if it is unbearable pain, see a Doc.

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    1. Hi, i’ve been having an issue using Kenyan condoms and mostly the free ones from the govt since funnily enough are too big for my small johnny kwani is Kenya buying from West Africa?

    1. And they’re generally longer than wider…Just saying!
      I think every country should make their own condoms, you know custom made for the population. If it’s not possible just don’t source from Asian countries-no offence these are facts, they are generally smaller & Africans are generally more endowed than other races (this does not apply to all n sundry though)

  1. OK, there’s this boobutt enhancements stuff and da bleaching sh!t and no one has yet come up with one for our dixxies? I mean a real one! Mine stuck at “not my size” after d cut! tho at V-power performance still not sarisfied, I need  ego size thing.

  2. kwani how big are south africans penis,,,,,si they be given the ones for our ministry of health in kenya then, they are too big for some of us

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