Yallo Leather CEO Mercy Kyallo talks about her principles for business and Kenya’s e-commerce sector

Mercy Kyallo is a businesswoman who is making strides in the fashion industry, thanks to her line of high-quality leather bags. Locally made, and uniquely designed Yallo Leather has carved a niche for itself, catering to the fashionable millennial male.

Kyallo sat down with The Sauce to share 4 business tips that anyone looking to jump into e-commerce should be aware of before making the jump.

A proprietor of Yallo Leather, Mercy started off her journey towards creating a successful business while still in employment several years ago. Determined to make it work, she eventually left formal employment to immerse herself and her efforts towards realizing her dream.According to reports Kyallo was awarded the Manufacturing Award at the Young Entrepreneurs Awards (YEA) in 2018.

Yallo Leather has now expanded its client base, with clientele in the United States of America, the Netherlands and Rwanda.

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