Xenophobia in S.Africa takes a new turn, as Burna Boy, YCee, AKA, Sho Madjozi weigh in

South Africa is in turmoil over the recent slew of xenophobic attacks that took over the so-called Rainbow Nation.

A vigilante mob attacks a Nigerian migrant outside a church in Pretoria, South Africa. Attacks against foreigners have flared up in recent years against a background of near-record unemployment.
REUTERS/James Oatway

The events leading up to the public attacks are said to be due to the uneven distribution of wealth among the nation’s black population with disenfranchised South African nationals protesting the growing number of African migrants taking over local jobs, and expanding businesses. According to a report on Okay Africa, “The center of Johannesburg is currently a surreal sight. Cars have been torched, businesses were broken into and ransacked, foreign nationals are being violently attacked and police are admittedly struggling to maintain order. Just a week after xenophobic attacks erupted in Pretoria and two months after Nigerians were being attacked in Hillbrow, the country is experiencing yet another spate of xenophobic attacks which began yesterday. According to EWN, two people have been confirmed dead, including a woman who was shot at close range. A hundred others have been arrested thus far.”

“The reasons for the xenophobic attacks echo the pervasive anti-immigrant sentiment around the world. In a country with growing inequality, unemployment and poverty, many disenfranchised South Africans feel that foreign nationals are responsible for the lack of job opportunities and increasing crime.”

The continent’s biggest names weighed in the matter, that has transcended political realms morphing into much more. Giving their two cents on the complex condition that has manifest itself in these bitter, violent attacks, many are sad but some are not surprised by the sad happenings. Ycee’s quoted South African rapper AKA’s previous tweet after South Africa lost to Nigeria at the AFCON. Ycee tweeted, ” I don’t rate South African men at this point … and I’m not trying to create any form of animosity between us and them (that they don’t already feel against us) It is really sad that In 2019 Xenophobia is what we are still facing and discussing as a problem“.

Oludemilade Martin Alejo, professionally known as Ycee, also pointed out, “There is this subtle dislike that a lot of them (If not all) feel towards Nigerians and no matter how hard they try to hide it .. it eventually jumps out – like when AKA had a full childish grown man tantrum when they lost to Nigeria in the nations cup.” Hanging him out to dry, YCee’s expose went to send Twitter into a frenzy, leaving many divided over AKA’s infuriating comments:


Burna Boy took to social media to say, “This goes against everything I stand 4, but at what point do we take action? I understand that years of Oppression has confused South Africans to the point where they see the people who came to their defense during their Oppression as their Enemies and then worship their oppressors.”

In his rant online, Burna who previously collaborated with AKA on the track ‘All Eyes on Me’ said, “I personally have had my own xenophobic experiences at the hands of South Africans and because of that …I will NOT EVER go to South Africa again for any reason until the SOUTH AFRICAN government wakes the fuck up and really performs A miracle.” He also went on to add:

Other African public figures also shared the sentiments over the xenophobic attacks in Joburg. Show Host Janet Mbugua shared her assessment of the matter saying, “This will brew resentment and strain relations in a way that may only be irreversible in decades to come. It’s sickening.”

Despite the claims that Nigerians are involved in drug peddling, prostitution and human trafficking as well as a host of many other illegal activities; most individuals concur that the brutal killings and violence is a result of poor management by the government of various issues that have been bubbling under. Davido, Ice Prince and even the ‘African Beyonce’ took to social media to share their feelings on the matter. The ‘Lova Lova’ crooner went on to condemn the barbaric killings.

BET Award winner Sho Madjozi opened up about her unique encounters as an Africa with a continental experience. She said, “Most people would much rather have a peaceful, happy and safe place to live. But people are disenfranchised and poor and we are all unprotected by the leaders we have chosen. And that is the tea.”

Madjozi has summarized the compounded matter with a single tweet.


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