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Women and Cannabis: How to secure the bag in this new industry

Women of the 21st century have been at the forefront of leading various industries. There’s not a single industry that hasn’t seen entrepreneurship from women.

One such rising industry is the Cannabis industry. Cannabis is one of the most liberal industries existing across the world, thereby, making it safe and offering a women-friendly environment. The liberal mindset of people and gender-fluid work environment make it a desired industry, but it isn’t a cakewalk.

Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss the tips that could help a cannabis enthusiast make a career out of it.

Perseverance is the Key
Susan Hwang is the CEO of “BEST Dispensary”, located in Arizona. She was merely 12 when she had to move to the US from South Korea. Following rules is her only rule and that is the secret of how she makes the tables turn for her good. With her creativity and her perseverance, she handled every situation with compassion.

While setting up her business, she found out that there was a church, a daycare, and a school nearby the property where the construction was supposed to begin. She not only convinced the Church officials in letting her build her firm but also convinced the daycare owner to shift to another property and helped him set up a new building.

Staying Informed About the Federal Laws
The rules of the federal government and the local jurisdiction keep changing and there’s no stability. Therefore, one should always keep an eye on the rules and make it a point to follow each one of them. Even the slightest mistake could cost one their license and it is nearly impossible to get back a license when it is lost.

Please note that in some countries including Kenya, the use and sale of Cannabis is prohibited. In some countries it is legal but with several stipulations such as the approval of medical marijuana usage.

Getting Your Priorities Right
One should be determined enough and have enough perseverance to stay motivated in the business. Since this is completely new to the world, one can face several obstacles from Insurance Companies, Taxes, etc. So one needs to be clear with their aim and the reason why they are in this business. Since money can be made in any other business too without putting in many brains and hard work, it can’t be the only factor to bring you towards Cannabis, otherwise, the interest shall fade away soon.

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Having a Clean Slate
Having a clean background is another important factor. If one has any criminal charges running against them, it could create a lot of issues in letting them get a license and even when they get it, a lot of legalities could come in the middle. As you enter the industry, try taking up different roles and see which one you can perform better. This not only gives you an idea of how everything functions but also gives you substantial experience.

Seeking Help from Professionals
Apart from these, one might choose to seek help from professionals. You could turn to the Cannabis industry Consultants. They don’t only guide you through the industry but also help you identify your skills and put them to use. Most importantly, they help you find an appropriate cannabis real estate, where you can set up your firm and get going with your business. These consultants keep you guided at every point in your career and cost nothing as compared to a full-time employee.

Wrapping Up
Honesty and being true to oneself are the most important qualities required in the cannabis business. Following all the rules is another important rule since any carelessness could lead you into losing your license forever. Therefore, you must keep yourself updated with all the changes in the rules by the federal government or the state and the local governments. Also, money shouldn’t be the only factor that draws you to the cannabis business otherwise all the motivation shall fade away as soon as you face the slightest obstacles.

Also, you shouldn’t shy away from taking up different kinds of roles in your initial days in the industry, to learn the basics of every field. But having a clean background without any criminal cases is possibly the most important factor that you shouldn’t ignore at any cost.
Moreover, you could get help from the cannabis industry consultants to ensure that you don’t go wrong while starting out in the cannabis business.

Rest assured, if you stick to these simple tips, your success in the cannabis industry is surely guaranteed and it would be only a matter of time before you make it big in this sector.

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