Tech Talk: Cancer survivor’s face rebuilt with help from smartphone

A woman’s face has been rebuilt with help from pictures on her smartphone.

Denise Vicentin lost an eye and part of her jaw after being diagnosed with cancer, and she said people would recoil at her, while adding her marriage broke down due to her injuries.

Denise, from Brazil, was put in touch with pioneering scientists at the University of Sao Paulo, who use the cameras on a person’s mobile phone to recreate their face.

Lead researcher, Rodrigo Salazar, took pictures from multiple angles to construct a 3D model of the intact half of Denise’s face.

He said: “In the past, (the work) took much longer, hours of sculpting by hand, and the process was very invasive, with material on the patient’s face to get an imprint of their appearance. Today with cell phone pictures, we create a three-dimensional model.”

The process has been life-changing for Denise, who had been left “humiliated” by her previous face.

She said that she was “so happy” with her new face that she didn’t even take it off to go to sleep.

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