Woman Takes Job Search To The Road Side As Unemployment Rises

Rose Mbogo, a 33-year-old woman and mother of two took matters to her own hands when all else failed in her quest to  land a job. A graduate of University of Nairobi with a Bachelors in Economics and Communication, the young lady stood by the busy intersection of Kileleshwa-Arboretum Drive in an attempt to catch the attention of commuters on their way to work. Smartly dressed and poised, Rose looked like the ideal candidate to fill any vacancy in an organization.

Many commuters took to social media to spread the word on her job search.  In true Kenyan fashion, some ridiculed Rose’s efforts ignoring the courage it took to stand by a busy intersection hoping someone influential would take notice.


In an interview with Capital Campus, Rose revealed that many failed attempts to get a job drove her to taking unconventional methods. Speaking candidly she said, “I tried many options even online job search platforms to no avail…I never received any feedback.” The young mother has had experience working in the manufacturing industry with Pwani Oil in Mombasa and Bata Company in Limuru. Despite her willingness to make good use of her degree, she is yet to receive any call backs. Optimistic about the future, Rose hopes the buzz online actually provides some leads and eventually a job. Rose admitted the extreme job search method is not a novel idea. She explained the idea came from another desperate job seeker, ” a man who stood by the Thika Road Highway with a placard, requesting for job.” Many took to Twitter to share the views on Rose’s attempt to secure a job.



Rose’s struggle with unemployment is not unique. According to The Guardian, “Approximately 800,000 young Kenyans enter the labor market every year and youth unemployment is estimated to be as high as 35%, compared to the overall national unemployment rate of 10%. Furthermore, 80% of unemployed Kenyans are below 35 years old.” There is a large need to seek other solutions to provide jobs to Kenya’s unemployed youth.


If you would like to give Rose a job, please reach her via her email address [email protected]

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