Woman accused of domestic violence after beating boyfriend because he ‘didn’t want sex’

A woman from Florida allegedly assaulted her boyfriend when he told her he “didn’t want sex”.

Samantha Jewel Hernandez was said to be highly intoxicated when she performed a raunchy strip tease for her boyfriend and then attacked him when he didn’t reciprocate.

Police from the County Sheriff’s Office said in a report: “Hernandez was angry at the fact that (the victim) did not want to have sex and began attacking him, striking him in the face and ripping his shirt.

“On scene, I observed a red scratch to the right side of (the victim’s) face and another scratch at the base of his neck. (The victim’s) shirt was also ripped.”

Hernandez protested that she did nothing wrong, and then bashed her head several times again the police cruiser and faked being unconscious.

She was charged for domestic violence.


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