Wierd World: A woman in the UK wants a handbag to be made from her skin

A woman doesn’t want skin from her amputated leg to go to waste and instead wants a handbag to be made from it.

A lady who is having her leg amputated wants to use the skin from her missing leg to make a handbag and says discussions have been positive so far.

According to the New York Post, Joan, who did not provide her last name, from Manchester, England, posted the bizarre request online, called “my leg handbag” and is now trying to find a designer who will make her a handbag out of her own skin from her amputated leg.

She posted a request online on Sewport, reaching out to designers who might be willing to take on the project, which she has budgeted about $3,900 for.

The 55-year-old revealed she had peripheral arterial disease, and it was “looking very likely” she was going to have her lower left leg amputated. She said: “It’s looking very likely that I’m going to have my lower left leg amputated soon (I have peripheral arterial disease) and I was reading about the human waste scandal where they just dumped body parts in a dump to rot and I don’t want that to happen to me.

Joan had made a few sketches of what she had in mind, adding she thought a handbag “is the most logical route to go down.”

She acknowledged how bizarre her request was, saying: “I know it’s a bit odd and gross, and some people might think I’m crazy, but it’s my leg, and I can’t bear the thought of it being left to rot somewhere.

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