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Why we love working at Capital FM


If you have had the opportunity of interacting with Capital FM’s staff members, you will notice something about them; most of them genuinely love their jobs, are great at what they do and are full of positive energy.

I’ve been working for this media company for five months and my story is the same. Every morning as I go to work, I am always grateful because I finally landed a job that appreciates my kind of writing, appreciates my strengths and works on my weaknesses daily. I love that the newsroom, although a small bunch, we break stories faster than everyone else, we write on diverse topics and keep everyone entertained. And that’s not all, we do great interviews (think: US President Barack Obama). Above all, the bosses are a source of inspiration, especially the editors. You learn from them, laugh with them (and at them), but they also get to go hard on you if you mess up.

Don’t trust my word alone. I spoke to some of my colleagues, who are part of a Team called ‘Too Hot to Handle’. They tell us why Capital FM is the best place to work in and their thoughts on team Work:

1. Italia Masiero @italiamasiero – Presenter

Capital FM is a very understanding, tolerant humane place to work. That’s what I especially love about Capital FM. They look at a person individually and understand their strengths and personality, then work with you as you are.

In regards to the teamwork, I’ve learned to get to know people who work at Capital FM more and support each and every person where I can because everyone is a team player! #teamwork #support #bigpicture

2. @cyruskamau – Group Managing Director

My position at the company has given me an opportunity to interact with all the members. I can confidently say that my favorite part of the job is the people. The energy at Capital FM is so positive, maybe because it is such a young workforce. They motivate me every day to feel youthful. Another thing that I absolutely love about Capital FM is the innovativeness. You get fresh ideas daily that when we pursue, they never disappoint, for instance, Koroga Festival.

Finally, I love the team spirit that is prevalent at Capital; people know what they are assigned to do, and in turn they use this to better the company as a whole.

3. Renee Ngamau @reneengamau – Host of Capital in the Morning

There are two things that I really love about working for Capital FM; the fact that I’ve been able to build myself up and that I am enriched and awed by the greatness and genius of my colleagues.

Capital FM has also taught me a lot about teamwork, for instance, I’ve learned that teamwork is about all of ‘us’ winning. Not some. Not at the expense of or exclusion of others.

4. Joseph Muraya @MrMuraya –Crime and Human Rights Issues Journalist

Capital FM is family to me; the people, the work ethic and the synergy in the company keeps us going. It is one of the few places where your boss feels more of a colleague than a boss. That’s not the best part, the fact that we can get friendly towards each other and deliver well is probably the best part.

Thanks to Capital FM, I’ve seen the world, wrote stories that have moved people and called for real change. I personally feel that it has given me a platform to change the world.

5. David Amira @thinkgorilla (IG) – Events Account Manager

Capital is at the centre of Kenya’s media. No other place can get you in-the-know about what Kenyan media is. As important as it is in Kenyan media, one wouldn’t believe that its one sweet, small family, this is one of the things that I love about the company.

It has also given me an opportunity to learn that teamwork is about trusting the next man/woman, trusting that your input is as worthy and of quality as that of your teammates.

6. Chepkonga – Admin dept

I possibly would not be able to summarize what I love about working for Capital FM. But three things are easy to come up with, first, the freedom. No one gives you a hard time to do your job. This has in turn made my colleagues and I love what we do.

Capital FM is also a great place to work because of the kind of support it gives you. For instance, the company does not frustrate you when you are applying for a loan from the bank. Finally, it has such great people that make going there almost every day pleasurable.

7. Carol Karimi @CarolKarimi9 – Finance Manager

I’ve been at Capital FM for many years, and I can confidently say that it is the kind of place it is because of the people. It is such a homely place to work in. It nurtures talents and gives people an opportunity to be who they were meant to be. As far as team work is concerned, I have learnt that you cannot do everything alone, you need people who compliment your skills which in turn makes everyone shine at what they do.

8. @francismbathaa – Camera Person

Thanks to Capital FM, I got a golden opportunity of being part of the crew that interviewed President Barrack Obama. That is without a doubt the highlight of my career so far. It has also given me an opportunity to harness my skill. Thanks to Capital, I’m a better Camera Person hoping to do bigger better things.

9. @kassimhassanali – Account Manager

I started at Capital FM as a sales executive, a job I still do and love. When the company started Capital TV, I expressed my interest in reading news, which I got. This is one of the reasons why I love working there. The fact that the bosses allow us to venture into other roles, is what I love about working there.

10. Yoram Mwangi (Deejay Protégé)– Business Development Manager

What I love and appreciate about Capital is that it’s a ground to not only excel at your job but offers you the opportunity to discover and cultivate interests you never thought you had or had the opportunity to pursue. There’s a positive work environment that you don’t feel like you’re working in a factory like setting but in one that allows creativity and exploration.

11. Christine Oketch @Christine – Account Manager

Capital FM is to me a diverse and charismatic place. I love that everyone is a brand on their own and together we make and compliment The Capital Brand. Capital FM is like a convergence of Kenya’s most talented people.

12. Paul Njoroge – @jorogeh – Project Manager

I have been at Capital FM for 6 years and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. During this period, I have earned the envy of my peers, their love and trust. It has also given me a dream of a fabulous future. #IamCapital

13. Deejay Stitch

What I love about working at Capital FM is that what I do today is not what I get to do the following day. There’s always a new challenge. Additionally, working at Capital gives you a versatile edge, a notion that the Managing Director supports.

For instance, I’m a driver at Capital FM, but I developed a liking for Deejaying. I’ve had a couple of live shows during Deejay Adrian’s segment of Friday Flight, only Capital FM supports that.

There you have we. #IAMCAPITAL, #CFMONTHEROAD, #TeamTooHotToHandle.

By @MaggieNjungunah

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