QUIZ: Which celeb’s career path do you identify with?

The Carters aka Beyonce and Jay Z have taught about lanes. Serena Williams is the greatest athlete of all time. Drake is always surrounded by drama. Who’s path to stardom looks the most like your career path? Let’s dive in.

With every celebrity though, there’s a lot of humanity that gets lost in the pomp and glamour of Hollywood but most of these people start out just like you and me. Here’s a little background on what these celebrities have had to do to reach the top. Read on to find out if you can spot some bits of your personality here?

The Carters
Beyonce and Jay Z surprised all of us by dropping an album together. The visuals for their videos are intense. They even rented out the Paris Gallery The Louvre just to shoot a music video. Do I need to even say “lanes”?

Beyonce is the epitome of determination and perseverance. Queen B is one of the hardest working people in the music industry. She is said to improve her endurance by training how to sing and dance live by practicing on a treadmill. She’s dedicated to her craft and never lets anything steer her from it. She’s totally focused and nothing she does is not deliberately calculated beforehand. Sound like you? Maybe you’re more of a Jay Z type then. Remember he retired from rap only to come back again? Maybe you’re the young professional who took a time out to focus on family or school but are now back bigger than ever.

Serena Williams
Because she’s a woman, Serena often gets referred to as the greatest female athlete of our time. I reject this and say she’s the greatest sportsperson of our time – man or woman. Who else is going to win a tennis tournament while 4 months pregnant, nearly die while giving birth and them come back to the court stronger than ever? I’ll tell you who – Serena Williams!

Her dad started her and sister off on tennis when they were younger and both of them rose to be amazing tennis players. While Serena has the type of build that could smack you into 2010, she maintains style and grace in whatever she does. Could this be you? Perhaps you’re the career person trying to keep your head up above all the office drama and just focus on your work. The only thing you know how to do is be damn good at what you do.

Drake is a chameleon in the music business moving from singing to rapping and doing well on both fronts.  He’s been accused of using ghostwriters to write his rhymes and stealing other rappers’ beats. Say what you will, he’s still one of the biggest stars to date. So big in fact that the beef he had with rapper Pusha T seems to have faded into oblivion. Could this be you? You’re the scrappy guy (or girl) willing to make anything possible if it means it will get you to the top. You’re not above using other people’s ideas and making them a reality and owning your stardom.

Which one of these sounds most like you? Comment below, we want to know!

And if we didn’t capture you here – what celebrity would you be?



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