Weird World: Meddling neighbor stuck in a metal gate for hours

A woman in the western Colombian area of Risaralda got her head stuck in the metal bars of a door recently as she tried to spy on the home next door.

The intrusive neighbour spent five hours with her head shoved through the iron bars before firefighters arrived at the neighbourhood of La Virginia and freed her, reported Daily Mail.

Snaps from the scene showed one fireman smiling as he held on to a rag that was positioned between the side of nosy woman’s face and a bar to try and free her. Another man is also seen looking on and laughing.

A second image from the rescue showed how the firefighter is carefully applying pressure to the woman’s head as a police officer keeps the door from swaying back and forth.

The curious woman was eventually freed. The images have since gone viral with many condemning the woman for intruding in other people’s business and that it served her right.


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