Weird World: Man in the US denies owning cocaine that was found in his nose

A man whose nose was allegedly covered with cocaine tried to convince police officers that it was not his.

Fabricio Jimenez, 20, was questioned by officers after they stopped a car he was travelling in on Sunday (09.11.19) in Tampa, Florida for not making a complete stop at a red light.

According to a post on the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, one of the officers ‘immediately noticed Jimenez had a white powdery substance on his nose she recognized to be powder cocaine.’ A photo police posted shows both of Jimenez’s nostrils rimmed in a white powder, reported Metro.

Officers tested the powder and it came back positive for cocaine. Police reportedly found 250 grams of marijuana, 13 Xanax pills, and a small baggie of cocaine when they searched Jimenez and the car.

Jimenez was placed under arrest as he ‘attempted to tell the deputies the cocaine on his nose was not his,’ the sheriff’s department wrote. Police did not say whether Jimenez’s offered any answers as to how someone else’s cocaine got into his nose.

He is now facing a probation violation after he was arrested last August on cocaine and marijuana charges. He pleaded guilty to those charges and was sentenced to two years probation in November 2018.

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