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Weird World: Kitten survives a 30 minutes spin after being trapped in a washing machine

A kitten has miraculously survived a wash and spin cycle after getting trapped inside a washing machine.

Poppy, a six-month-old kitten in the UK, was pulled from the front-loader machine after a 30-minute cycle. Her horrified owners, who did not realize Poppy had made her way into the machine, rushed the kitten to an Animal Medical Centre for treatment.

Poppy was disorientated and suffered bruising but luckily escaped without serious injury.

In a post to Facebook, the clinic detailed Poppy’s close call, claiming she had used up the majority of her cat lives.
“Understandably Poppy was freezing cold, rather bruised and battered, sore and disorientated but believe it or not, no broken bones,” the clinic wrote.

After two days resting on fluids, Poppy felt much better and was able to go home to her eager family. Surely this would equal around seven out of nine cat lives? We hope Poppy learned her lesson and now realizes the washing machine certainly isn’t a cozy place to sleep,” the clinic added.

According to the Daily Mail, the owner Kim Burr told she was in between loads of washing on a normal Friday evening when she realized the kitten was missing.

“I didn’t see the kitten anywhere [but] she must’ve been somewhere close by and jumped in as I moved the baskets and put another load of washing in,’ Ms. Burr said.

Ms. Burr said Poppy was a ‘miracle’ cat who had returned to her normal self three weeks later. “She’s fully recovered back to her old ways of running and jumping off couches. You wouldn’t know what she went through,” she said.

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The clinic’s Facebook post was flooded with comments of support for the injured kitten and the vets who assisted in her recovery.

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