Weird World: Escaped pigs drink alcohol at a supermarket

Three escaped pigs in Russia went into a supermarket and raided the alcohol aisle.


A mother and two piglets escaped from a farm in the Siberian city of Tyumen, and the animals sought refuge from the cold at the supermarket.

After sniffing around the shop, the mother makes her way to the alcohol aisle and uses her snout to knock two bottles of cognac to the floor where they smash.

The pigs then proceeded to lick up their boozy mess in front of shocked onlookers.

As the pigs helped themselves to alcohol, one customer is heard complaining: ”Is this a pigsty or a store, people?”
Another customer was more sympathetic, joking that the pigs were enjoying a festive drink.

The shopper joked: ”We all like a drink at this time of year.”

Staff eventually removed the pigs, who were returned to their owner unharmed.

Pigs aren’t the only animals to enjoy booze, however, as an opossum (marsupial) got drunk on bourbon after breaking into a Florida store in 2017.

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