Weird World: Beautiful People dating website claims UK, India and Russia has the ugliest singles

The ‘Beautiful People’ dating website claims that the UK is the ugliest country in the world.

Greg Hodge – who is the managing director of the online love website – has opened up about the platform, which has rejected 8.5 million people from 140 countries for not being attractive enough to join, and revealed that the results are a “bitter pill to swallow” because many UK individuals don’t make the cut.

He said: “UK men and women aren’t faring well, especially UK men, who share the dubious honor of being classified as the ugliest in the world on par with Russian and Polish men.”

“I would say Britain is stumbling, especially the men, because of a general lack of grooming and an inactive pub culture lifestyle. Being English myself, this is a bitter pill for me and my countrymen to swallow.”

According to The Mirror, the United Kingdom comes in last place tied with India, Russia and the Phillippines on the site. As for the most good-looking nation, the Scandinavian countries came out top here.

How do you think Kenyans fair?


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