Weird World: A wanted man didn’t like his mugshot so he sent the police a selfie

A man wanted by the police didn’t like his mugshot so sent in a selfie.

Stephen Murphy, 33, wasn’t impressed by the image law enforcement were using to try and track him down and so decided to send his local Lincolnshire newspaper in a more flattering photo after they ran a story about police attempting to find him.

The alleged criminal told The Lincolnshire Reporter that if police wanted to catch him they should: “Get my name right”. The former model said: “And if you get my name right and don’t put the worst picture of me on when I’ve been up for three days in Boston cop shop, you might be able to find me. Post this, it’s better for you.”

According to a report on BBC, Chief Inspector Jim Trafford, of Lincolnshire Police, said: “We are aware of some social media posts from a person claiming to be wanted man Stephen Murphy.

“Should Mr. Murphy himself wish to come forward and attend Boston Police Station, we will be more than happy to speak to him.”

Murphy is wanted by police after it was claimed he caused criminal damage in Boston on May 8.

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