Weird World: 35-year-old woman from England to marry her chandelier

A woman from Leeds, England is planning to marry the light of her life, a chandelier.

Amanda Liberty, 35, says she is in an open relationship with several light fittings but plans to wed one called Lumiere, The Sun reported.

She changed her surname from Whittaker during a previous long-distance relationship with the Statue of Liberty.
Amanda, from Leeds, identifies as an objectum sexual meaning she is attracted to objects.

She bought 91-year-old Lumiere from Germany for £400 and said: “She caught my eye on eBay. I had no idea she was my soon-to-be wife.

“Lumiere is too big to take to bed, but she does not mind when I spend time with others. This is just a natural orientation for me. I find the beauty in objects.”

Amanda said: “Some objectum sexual people believe that their partners talk to them, but I know that Lumiere communicates differently.

The chandelier “gives off energy” to show its feelings, Amanda explained. “I have been polishing Lumiere most nights to ensure she looks her best too.”

The bride-to-be is determined to prove that her love – whilst unconventional – exists in a ‘marriage’ ceremony.

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