‘Wealthy’ artist and banned ‘Taka Taka’ song producer KRG replies to KFCB

The executive producer of the viral song ‘Taka Taka’ song KRG the Don has called out the Kenya Film and Classification Board for banning the song.

As reported by The Sauce yesterday, KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua banned the song saying that playing it on TV, radio and entertainment joints was a criminal offense. He added that the song was banned because its lyrics were degrading towards women and encouraged violence towards women by equating them to trash.

The ban was condemned by the controversial musician and FastCash Music Group founder who sponsored also Alvin to produce the song. He asked where KFCB was when Alvindo was hustling doing manual jobs, adding that art is art and that the ban is a big let down. He lastly said that he and fellow producer Magix Enga had work to do to make a diss track.

“This is the best joke I have seen today. Where were you when Alvindo was doing manual jobs at Burma Market? Since you wanna spoil his career do you have an idea of what he should be doing to pay his bills?”KRG posted on his Instagram page. “This is a big let down to the industry at large for giving such big positions to negative-minded people who do nothing to make our industry better than yesterday’s,” he added.

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This is the best joke I have seen today 😂😂 How can someone say that the Taka Taka song advocates for violence against women SMH 🤦‍♂️ when did a joke become so important to some people yet Kenya as a nation we have so many problems that need that attention right now! This is a big let down to the industry at large for giving such big positions to negative minded people who do nothing to make our industry better than yesterday’s. In fact they don’t even know what the artists go through just to produce even a single audio track!! Anyways we shall continue to produce music regardless of what they do or say || Art is Art and no one can stop it…. @alvindotaka wrote as song to entertain his fans not his haters so @fastcashmusicgroup we shall keep entertaining our fans and ignoring the unnecessary side shows || Geng Geng 🤘 || Bare Badness str8 || BomboLulu #TakaTaka video dropping soon cc @magix_enga beat king tuko na kazi ya diss track leo 😂😂😂

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This is not the first time KRG has been embroiled in dramas, in 2018 he called out Redsan for conning him out of millions and for not crediting him on his song after he paid for all his expenses to Dubai to shoot a video. The two worked together on a jam titled ‘Get With It’ which was released in late 2017.

KRG theDon is yet to delete the ‘Taka Taka’ song of his YouTube account as ordered by the regulatory body.

Prior to its ban, the song by Alvindo had over 1M views on YouTube.

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