Wardrobe overhaul: from class to the office


Jobs Finder 1One university rite of passage that seems to leave many of us stumped is the mandatory internship. I am not about to give you advice on how to find one or turn it into a permanent position. But it would help if you know what to wear at the office or at the interview. Unless you’re in a campus with a strict dress code, chances are that your wardrobe consists of jeans, t-shirts or tops that you can wear to class and go straight to the club.

The office is an entirely different ballgame. Wearing your favorite low cut jeans even once could see you lose the much needed approval from your supervisor. So instead of having your poor wardrobe choice be the topic of discussion at tea time, look over the list of wardrobe items listed below for something appropriate for the office. You may never wear them for drinks with the girls, but you will earn the attention, if not respect of whoever you report to. That will give you the chance to show what you’re made of, and maybe even land a more permanent position, so you’d do well to take heed.


1. Black pants

They match with anything you throw on them, are appropriate for any day of the week and transition well from day to night. You should alternate these with brown or beige pants for a more versatile office look, but plain (black) pants will do the trick whether you’re rushing off to a presentation or having a slow day at the office. Just be careful to ensure that they fit well – not too tight or loose.

doll shoes

2. Plain black leather doll shoes

Heels are nice, but there’s only so much running to be done in them. Offices require lots of movement, especially so if you are at the lower echelons in the corporate ladder. As an intern, or entry level hire, expect to do a lot of walking throughout the day. Flat leather doll shoes are the practical choice then, saving you the embarrassment of potentially tripping yourself right outside your boss’s office, or at the feet of a client.


3. Black blazer.

Believe it or not, that boyfriend jacket hanging in your closet could be a real life saver on that morning you wake up an hour late and need to throw something on quickly. Practice wearing it in front of the mirror on all your office outfits to make sure it’s appropriate, and that your look doesn’t stray from smart casual to “I woke up at my boyfriend’s house with nothing else to wear” territory.

 office wear

4. Some collared shirts

Mainly white, but you’d do well to throw in some beige and other softer colours to mix it up a bit. Collared shirts are a must have for the office, to give you that freshly pressed look that inspires confidence in every client that walks in. Frilly or not, they look great layered under a jacket or simply tucked into pants and give you the air of an up and coming professional.


5. Big black bag

You know how they say every girl must have a Little Black Dress in her wardrobe? I say every working girl must have a Big Black Bag at her disposal. Carrying a clutch to the office just won’t do because there’s so much that goes into making your day there successful that there’s no way it would all fit in one. Plus no one will take you seriously, because you seem unprepared for the day and ultimately for any position at the company. A big black bag solves that problem by fitting all you need into it conveniently plus matching any outfit you throw together no matter the occasion. It allows you to easily transition from a day to night look, making it your perfect companion for anyone with after work plans.

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