Vlogger Chantelle Petit exposes her baby daddy Ephy Saint for being a ‘monster’

Kenyan vlogger Chantelle Petit’s heart-wrenching childbirth story went viral early this year and now according to her Instagram stories, she has been through tough times with her baby daddy Ephy Saint who is a popular model and former Tahidi High actor.

The new mom recently called out her daughter’s father for being emotionally abusive, a liar, trash talking her and generally being the worst partner anyone could ever be with. She says that she is now fed up and ready to expose him.

In her Instagram stories, Chantelle details the circumstances that led her to be a single mother. She posted that she met Ephy via Instagram, he sent her a DM, one thing led to another and she became his girlfriend but little did she know she was not the only one as she found out that he was a liar and that he was cheating on her. She admits that she knew he had another baby and claims responsibility for always believing his lies.

She also revealed that in February last year during their difficult relationship, she was so heartbroken after a big fight and she wanted to kill herself, Ephy recorded her while crying as she held a knife. She says that he threatens to release them but after what she has gone through she is not embarrassed by her mental state at that time.

27-year-old Mama Boo Boo as she calls herself online claims that she truly loved Ephy but he did not love her back just as much. In the now deleted Instagram stories, she says that she had an unhappy pregnancy at the hands of her lover. She went ahead to recount an incident in July 2018 while she was four months pregnant, she told him she was depressed over how he was making her feel and his reply was that she should kill herself and that he would replace her in two weeks.

In another post, she reveals that Ephy called her a nobody and that she only became someone when she got pregnant by him. She replied by saying that she almost died during her horrific delivery experience and now words do not faze her, all she wants to do is focus on her plans.

She, however, gives the filmmaker props for being there for her when she needed him the most, after delivering their daughter on the 1st of January 2019. She said that he helped take care of some bills and cared for the baby when she could not, due to the pain from fistula.

Ephy on the other posted cryptic responses on his Instagram stories saying whatever you hear about him, believe it because he no longer has time to explain himself and that sometimes in life it is vital for someone to stop arguing with people. Ephy later posted a story of him and his first daughter Azahria saying that she saved his life and he lives for her every day. He seemingly called out Chantelle for revealing his name in this whole drama for clout.

Chantelle revealed on her Twitter recently how hospital negligence during her delivery led to her having several complications including a type of fistula called Recto-Vaginal Fistula.

When she came out with her battle with fistula Kenyans contributed towards her medical fund and she was able to get surgery. Now the funds from the contributions are running low and is now seeking employment so that she is able to cater for her daughter.




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