‘Us’ movie lead Winston Duke credits Lupita Nyong’o for helping him feel comfortable

Winston Duke can be his “biggest and boldest self” working with Lupita Nyong’o.

The 32-year-old actor stars alongside his college pal Lupita, 36, as husband and wife Gabe and Adelaide Wilson in Jordan Peele’s new psychological horror ‘Us’ and the pair have previously worked together on 2018 Marvel movie ‘Black Panther’ and Winston insists that the pair know they can “rely on each other” on set and both felt “super comfortable” working with one another again.

In an interview with Den of Geek, he said: “That shared acting lexicon was really helpful when we were doing this movie. We could just rely on each other to catch each other if we were doing something that felt risky. We were both creating spaces where we felt super comfortable. Even the bedroom scene, I never second-guessed it, what I did there because I knew the characters were so disparate from us. In some ways, it would only help to elevate the scene.

“Working with Lupita, I always felt like I could be my best and my boldest self – and also help her to be her boldest self.”

The ‘Messengers’ star went on to praise filmmaker Jordan, 40, for creating a “really comfortable space” for actors that encourages their “best work”.

He added: “He really respects your process and includes you and invites you into his own. He creates a really comfortable space for you to do your best work. He listens more than he speaks. The whole experience just felt right. He also creates a really great team of everyone who knows what they’re doing. Everyone has a specific clear job so everything felt intentional and thoughtful.”

The ‘Us’ movie premiered in early March 2019. According to The Sauce, on 9th March 2019, the Kenyan belle took her folks to the Us Movie Global premier at South by South West Film Festival. Kisumu Governor Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o and his wife Dorothy Nyong’o were in attendance, proud to see Nyong’o’s first debut in a thriller.

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